Sunday, December 28, 2014

Eagles - Giants Takeaways

End With Dignity
> K Cody Parkey with a touchback, so maybe his groin is better

> First third down for Blue is an easy counter run on third and one to RB Andre Williams, and its hard to tell when this defense is mailing it in, or just not good

> QB Eli Manning to WR Reuben Randle into double coverage, CB Nolan Carroll and S Nate Allen don't have the body control to translate good position into effectiveness, 42 yards of Yeah That Happens

> Manning to Randle gets it to the 1, Carroll drags him down rather than get burned for the score

> Williams in for the score, easier than preseason, and so much for the idea that Fletcher was somehow keeping someone better on the bench

> Blue 7, Green 0 in less than three minutes, and I'm looking forward to the off-season too

> We're told that QB Mark Sanchez has enjoyed his year here, but the Green fans, not so much

> Sanchez to TE Zach Ertz, simple drag for 18, looks like it will be there all day

> False start, than RB LeSean McCoy with good patience on the drag for 23, nice patience

> Sanchez on the cross to WR Jordan Matthews, no one in Blue gets close or off their blocks, 44 yards for the answering score

> Four minutes, nine plays, two touchdowns, and no one on either defense seems interested

> At quarter after the hour, this game has outscored the league 14-10

> That's a new Green franchise record for points scored in a season, which probably should result in a playoff game, but whatevs

> STs continue their great year with a forced fumble from gunner S Chris Maragos, but the bounce goes Blue

> RB Rashad Jennings for a loss of 3 as NT Bennie Logan dominates

> Manning tries WR Odell Beckham Jr on a fly, and CB Cary Williams gets away with DPI on a jump ball

> 3rd and 13 is a screen to Jennings, no MLBs get close, first down on a check down

> Historically bad play on third and long is routine, really

> Jennings for two as LB Casey Matthews takes advantage of push

> Manning with non-grounding grounding on second as Matthews gets the job done without a roughing flag, a major achievement in the NFL in 2014

> 3rd and 9 from the gun has Manning missing high to Beckham, and that's an actual stop and everything

> RB/PR Darren Sproles with the Pro Bowl level fair catch, and good for him

> Blue is wearing t-shirts that say Peace today in honor of fallen police, which seems more socially acceptable than Justice for some reason

> Sanchez tries WR Riley Cooper deep, overthrown and wasn't open

> Ertz with the motion flag and trudge of shame to the sidelines

> McCoy for 8, space available, than Sanchez to Ertz for the first down, Blue with an unused flag

> Nice patience in the pocket for the QB against some heat

> Sanchez on the read option for 15, clearly enjoying himself

> Play action, Sanchez runs into pressure and throws the obvious pick into double coverage on Cooper, but DPI saves Green in a big way

> Blue HC Tom Coughlin is Yosemite Sam-esque in his rage, and has a point, but that's the NFL now

> From the 6, McCoy grinds to the 1 as Sanchez gets wiped out on the zone read fake

> McCoy again to the 1, same play, same QB abuse

> Third and goal from the 1, empty backfield into McCoy from motion, Sanchez with a lot of time to get it to TE Brent Celek for the post-block rub route

> Celek's first TD of the year, and if this is his last game in Green, at least they got him one

> Green 14, Blue 7 after 8 minutes, and this game looks like a really obvious over cover

> Beckham for four, kind of forcing it to him, given how Williams has moments of competence, and Carroll well, not so much

> 3rd and 5 from the gun has Manning with too much time, finds Beckham on the sidelines for 22, nice body control

> Williams for 8, lots of room

> Jennings for 3, patience, then Manning to Beckham for 17 as he just more or less taunts Carroll with his abilities

> Jennings for 5, and at this point in the season, it's a mistake if an offense doesn't score against this defense

> Manning misses Randle as LB Connor Barwin makes a nice play

> 3rd and 5 to stop the TD is Manning to TE Larry Donnell, and Carroll can stay with a TE, gets away with light DPI too

> K Josh Brown connects from 38, and it's Green 14, Blue 10

> Fox runs highlights from the Green and Blue rivalry, and while Blue has the rings, Green has lots of head to head goodness

> McCoy for 3 on the drag left, then Sanchez misses WR Jeremy Maclin

> 3rd and 7 to avoid instant fail is Sanchez to Mathews for 24, crazy open, nearly had body control for more

> Sanchez forces to Matthews, near INT, near DPI, the usual Sanchez on anything but his first read experience

> Sproles for 5, then Green's third procedure mistake in less than a quarter

> Third and 10 is Sanchez with time but without decision-making, and it ends with a 1 yard non-sack sack

> P Donnie Jones to the 10, end of the quarter

> Jennings for five, nice job mucking through the middle

> Manning high to TE EJ Robinson, open over the middle against S Malcolm Jenkins, but the connection isn't made

> 3rd and five and keep field position is Manning dep in the count, then goes to the wildly open Donnell, but the throw is behind the TE, and that's the Blue mistake required for no points on a drive

> Sanchez to Maclin for 4, runs into friendly fire, Celek back on the field

> McCoy for 3, then Sanchez misses Sproles and doesn't get a flag, also doesn't deserve one, and that mistake thing goes both ways

> Jones punts, Blue ball at the 11, and yeah, this game isn't really dripping with drama

> Manning to Beckham, CB Brandon Boykin gets hands up for the tip and incomplete

> Cox ends Williams after a yard, and on 3rd and 9 and keep field position, it's Manning from the gun to Randle, but Williams with the break up

> Actual coverage on that series, pretty exciting

> Blue P Steve Weatherford gets it off against pressure, benefits from the roll as Sproles chastises himself

> Sanchez tries for Ertz medium deep, terrible pick, and yeah, He's Still Mark Sanchez

> Honestly, I think we've seen enough of this to get what Sanchez is, and would benefit a lot more to just find out something about Barkley now

> Manning tries Beckham in the end zone, should have been picked, but Jenkins drops an easy one

> Manning to Beckham on the much simpler cross for 14, and yes, there are just throws these QBs should not make

> Williams for 3, nice tap work from a power back, and he could be something if he ever learns how to be good in the passing game

> Manning to Randle, Williams with too much of a cushion, Allen not close enough, this is not a recording

> Manning tries Donnell in the corner, Blue mistake in wrong routes

> Manning to Beckham, simple drag, stop, first down

> Williams for 4 and 2, LB Trent Cole gets him down with a broken hand in what's probably his final game in the laundry

> Third and goal from the 2 is Manning on quasi fade to Beckham, and Boykin makes the stop

> No idea why Boykin isn't declared CB2, but so it goes

> Brown connects from short distance, and it's Green 14, Blue 13

> KR Josh Huff gets it back to the 25 off a deep line drive kickoff

> Sanchez to Maclin, running free for 25 on the drag

> McCoy for 3, then keeps on play action and eventually derps his way into a sack

> Third and 9 from the gun is a check down to Sproles, stopped before the sticks

> Jones to the 11, and after two good drives, that's four bad ones

> Jennings for 3, then Manning misses him in the flat by a lot, maybe intentionally

> 3rd and 7 and keep field position is Manning to Randle, keeps possession on reasonable coverage by rookie CB Jerlyn Watkins for 36

> Manning to Beckham deep for a ridiculous collections of no-calls; no DPI on Carroll, no late hit after, no unsportsmanline on Beckham for taking off his helmet post-whistle

> Manning to Parker for 7, then 15 on Jenkins for the most obvious get-even call you will ever see

> Manning to Randle for 25 against Williams, who doesn't adjust to an underthrown ball, and my kingdom for any CB

> Manning to Williams, Kendricks and Barwin both on it for no gain

> Randle already with a career high, and it's still the first freaking half

> Manning to Beckham, the WR mouths off some more, but it's OPI on the rub

> 2nd and goal from the 13 should have been another Green INT, but Williams can't make an easy catch, and yeesh

> 3rd and goal from the 13 should have been a pick for Jenkins, but the Green secondary really can't catch anything today

> Manning with his 30th pass of the half, no sacks, no picks, 232 yards

> Blue with tricksy from Weatherford generates a flag, then Brown hits from 36 to give them a 16-14 lead

> Touchback gives Green the ball at their 20 with 3 timeouts and 2:02 of clock, which is just about all the time they ever need

> Sanchez to Ertz on play action for 19, and he's good at that play

> Sanchez to Matthews for a retreating 3, then takes a sack from DE Jason Pierre-Paul, who beats T Jason Peters, going to the Proo Bowl more for his career than this year

> 3rd and 16 is a great play from Sanchez, buying time against a lot of pressure to connect with Maclin to convert, and those are the plays that fool people into thinking he's more than a back up

> Sanchez for 6 on reasonable mobility, line not winning

> Sanchez to Sproles for 10 on the bubble screen, first timeout with 25 seconds left

> Deep figgie range means no mistakes, Sanchez can't connect with Maclin

> Sanchez to Cooper off a pump fake, crazy open for 22

> 2nd Green timeout with 12 seconds left from the Blue 9

> Sanchez from the gun is a near pick, no idea what he's thinking, into double coverage on Ertz as Matthews was wide open

> Green has to take a delay flag due to OL hobbling, rather than a delay flag, and ye gads, that should never happen in a tempo offense

> Sanchez to Sproles, a little behind him but the RB could have still had it, and that's Red Zone Fail

> Parkey connects from 32, and it's 17-16 Green at the half

> 544 yards of offense in 30 minutes, and I miss what NFC East football used to be

> Brown with the touchback, then McCoy for 2

> Sanchez to Matthews for 5 with a bad spot, then McCoy is stopped before the sticks to make for a three and out with speed

> Jones to Beckham, fair catch on hard gunner attention from Huff

> Williams for a loss of a yard, then nothing, and Blue is just doing Green favors by not throwing on every down, given the lack of pressure and secondary issues

> 3rd and 11 from the gun is a drop from Randle against meh coverage from Watkins, and wow, three and out

> Weatherford gets blocked by ST/TE James Casey, with ST/TE Trey Burton eventually collecting it and getting in for the score

> Best ST year ever for the laundry, first block ever against Weatherford in 672 attempts, third TD this year on blocked punts

> Green 24, Blue 16, and Weatherford looks besmirched

> STs get the KR down before the 20, just showing off now

> Manning to Beckham for 15 off the rollout, easy, then Jennings for 18 as the defense shows its usual lack of post-score starch

> Jennings loses three as Thornton collects him, post-whistle offensive roughing on Blue C JD Walton adds 15 more to the loss

> 2nd and 28 is Manning to Beckham for 4 as Boykin gets him down, and hey, maybe our best cover CB should be on WR1

> 3rd and 24 becomes 3rd and 29 on a false start, and no, I still find no real confidence in the laundry to get off the field in this situation

> 3rd and 29 from the gun is a hurdle moment for Donnell over Watkins, getting him 16 yards and highlight time, but no first down

> Weatherford to Sproles, who doesn't take the fair catch against two gunners, lucky to keep the ball on immediate contact

> McCoy loses a yard on no push, then Sanchez to Cooper on clear sailing for a 15-yard out

> Sanchez to Matthews out of bounds on hand motion waggling, toes not quite right

> McCoy for 4 on the drag, then third and 6 is Sanchez from the gun over Sproles, and there isn't much working for that connection today

> Jones to the Blue 19 for a Beckham fair catch, gunners staring at the PR with more dominant ST play

> Williams for 6, room in the middle, then 2 more as Matthews continues tolerable play

> Third and 2 from the gun is Manning to Randle for 24 as Watkins can't cover or contain

> Manning to Beckham for 15 on the slant, Williams can't stay with him at all

> Manning with all day, Randle wide open for the apparent score, but it comes back on offensive holding

> The penalty doesn't change the fact that Carroll can't do anything to stay with an utterly ordinary WR

> Manning through Randle's hands to make it 2nd and 20

> Manning deep to Parker, Carroll can't get the INT, should have, but there's a reason he doesn't play regular CB snaps

> Third and 20 is a great catch and elevation by Beckham for 9 yards, Boykin touches him down, but the WR bounces up for post-whistle festivities

> Brown connects from 53, which makes the Beckham catch worth 3 points

> Green 24, Blue 19, five made FGs by Brown now

> The national media can not be more excited about Beckham, really

> McCoy for 11 after the de riguer touchback, then 3 more on a smaller hole

> Sanchez for 3 on the play action keeper, then misses an open Huff on a deep cross, and the QB took an uncalled shot to the head at the end of the play

> Jones to the Blue 20, and yeah, offense now has 17 points in 43 minutes, which is to say, not enough

> Manning from the gun to Williams for a balky 5 against a S blitz

> Manning to Beckham deep, Jenkins breaks it up

> Manning to Donnell converts on third and five, just too easy, all of it in the air without good accuracy from the QB

> Williams for no gain, then Manning to Beckham with a near circus catch against Watkins, incomplete

> Blue delay with Coughlin yelling for timeout, then wiped out because the refs are just that weak

> 3rd and 10 from the gun is a check down to Jennings, Jenkins takes him out, and that's a Green stop, kind of

> Weatherford to Sproles, who gets 13 on his first attempt today with any amount of room

> Sanchez to Matthews for 7 to end the third quarter, nice strength in the straight arm to end the third quarter

> McCoy with a lot of room to the right, gets 22, promising

> Sanchez telegraphs and nearly misses McCoy, who burns a guy on his way to 15

> Sanchez to Matthews for 8, then RB Chris Polk for 5 as tempo is working well

> Sanchez misses Polk on the wheel route, and why you throw it down here with a turnover-prone QB is one of the great mysteries of this season

> Sanchez to Matthews off the play fake gets it to the 1, QB is also buried

> Polk walks in for the score, big hole from the interior OL, and that's his fourth score of the year, or enough to start working on his dance moves

> All or nothing offense hits for all for the third time today, and it's 31-19 Green with 13 minutes left in the year

> Blue to the 20 with effort off the kickoff, then Manning with too much time before missing Randle

> Manning misses Donnell, open on a middle route, and if the QB had been accurate today, he'd have 500+ yards on his lonesome

> 3rd and 10 and hey, QB pressure would be nice is Manning from the gun, time against a 5-man rush, connects with Parker, as an obvious holding call is ignored

> Manning to Beckham for 4, and he gets all kinds of huffy when people hit him

> Manning to Beckham, Watkins falls, and that's a 63-yard score that could not have been easier

> Eagles DC Bill Davis decided, for some reason, that CB4 against WR1 is what you want while guarding a lead in the fourth quarter

> Green 31, Blue 26 with less than 12 minutes to go in a season that has led to as many questions about the coaching as the talent

> Casey to the 26 off a short kick

> Sanchez to Sproles for 8, 15 more added for an obvious face mask

> Sanchez to Ertz for 9, more plays today with him and Matthews on the field at the same time

> Sanchez tries Maclin on a deep ball, was open but the ball wasn't there

> 3rd and 1 and keep the damned ball is McCoy for 4 off a pass formation, smart

> Sanchez to Huff for 6 on the hook, then McCoy gets through a hole for just enough to move the sticks after tempo killing measurement

> Sanchez pumps, derps, takes a sack, none of that good

> Polk for 4 on the edge of long figgie range

> 3rd and 13 from the Blue 31 is important for this game, and made easier with encroachment by the CB

> 3rd and 8 from the 26 is Sanchez to Matthews on poor design, no chance to get to the sticks

> Parkey from 39 connects, and it's Green 34, Blue 26 with 8 minutes left

> Williams for 4, and Blue runs it for 3 yards a play, and throws it for 8, so sure, do that

> Manning to Williams on a checkdown for 14, and there's no reason to risk deep throws, either

> Jennings loses a yard to DT Fletcher Cox, and yeah, Blue, try him some more

> Manning to Parker, Boykin deflects, and sure, Blue, try WR3 against CB1

> Third and 10 and maybe end the game is Manning from the gun to Jennings, Kendricks with the stop, and some actual pressure helped there

> Weatherford to Sproles, fair catches with room given the game situation

> Green up 8 with 5:19 left, with Detention Mode possible

> Sanchez with a monstrous derp sack, near fumble, and ye gads

> 2nd and 22 from the Green 3 is a give up run to McCoy, who gets 4 yards and hurt, but able to walk off

> 3rd and 18 from the gun is a give up run to Polk, who nearly gets a killshot first down, but is stopped a yard from the sticks

> Fourth and 1 from the 23 is a Jones punt to the Blue 31, right on the sidelines, excellent work by the P

> 3:45 left and 2 timeouts for Blue, so all kinds of unfortunate possibilities open

> Manning from the gun on 2nd and 6 throws off his back leg, terribly, and Allen finally gets the INT that has been there a half dozen times today

> The Green S gets a 40-yard return that took a lot of time off the clock, honestly

> Polk for nothing as it appears that injury will rob McCoy of a 100-yard rushing day

> Polk for 7 yards with clock killing to the 2-minute warning

> Polk converts on third down, killing Manning's potential for another turnover late

> Sanchez kneels three times, and Green wins despite giving up 505 yards (!) on defense, 429 of it in the air

> Green goes home with a 10-win season and no playoff game, third straight year that's happened, and they would have gotten rolled in the post-season with this dogdirt secondary, so no tears, really, none at all

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