Sunday, December 7, 2014

Eagles - Seahawks Takeaways

> Eagles wearing those terrible black jerseys that they stomped the Giants in; feel free to burn those, especially after this game

> Seahawks QB Russell Wilson with his first Houdini act for a first down, this one to WR Paul Richardson

> Not to complain about anything the defense for the most part in this game, but giving up 21 on a third and 15 draw is awful

> 3rd and 5 and limit it to a figgie chance is a Finally sack on Wilson for LB Marcus Smith (!), ending a 10-play opening drive

> P Jon Ryan on for the conservative field position move, marked by PR Darren Sproles unloading on the gunner for funsies

> Curious decision to not try a 51 yard figgie there, but HC Pete Carroll saw this as a field position game

> QB Mark Sanchez with the near pick as he tries the very covered WR Jeremy Maclin against, gulp, CB Richard Sherman, right away

> Sanchez to TE Brent Celek, no call on clear DPI, and this defense is hard enough to work against if you are calling flags

> P Donnie Jones was nearly blocked much of the day

> There was no chance in hell of Sanchez getting out of this game with a clear turnover ledger

> Turbin for 5, then Wilson with the scramble and throwaway, and so far, Seattle's WRs aren't winning that battle

> 3rd and 5 and reset the field is Wilson taking a bigger hit than usual, and LB Connor Barwin and LB Mychal Kendricks getting the QB down before the sticks

> Ryan fumbles the snap, unforced error, and the coverage team swarms for the turnover and fumble

> Green ball in the red zone, need to convert, and it's RB LeSean McCoy for 6 on delay run left

> Tempo to McCoy for 2, then slower pace before Sproles, who can't quite get there to the right

> 4th and 1 from the five is McCoy inside for the first, and wow, that was ballsy / a correct read of just how limited your opportunities will be against this defense

> De facto timeout on defensive request for the sticks, and that's smart / shady gamesmanship by Carroll; also, bad officiating

> McCoy to the one on the spread formation run

> Spread formation bubble screen to Maclin, who gets in with shiftiness

> WR Riley Cooper with the uncalled pick to make that a lot easier

> K Cody Parkey with the not quite touchback, and it works out as the STs keep it from getting back to the 20

> Lynch for 2 on a toss as Aqua keeps losing big guys to injury

> Lynch for nothing as Kendricks gets his dance on, really nice play

> 3rd and we've got something going on is Wilson getting bailed out by a hold by CB Brandon Boykin; gift first down from idiocy

> Wilson misses TE Luke Wilson high and away, then Kearse gets a few on an end around

> Post-whistle ridiculous flop by WR Richard Lockette, who clipped earlier in the play, with a nice display of manliness there

> 2nd and 20 is Wilson buying an absurd amount of time, then connecting to WR Doug Baldwin for 24, and yeah, there's a reason the QB has a SB ring

> Refs missed an absurd offensive lineman downfield flag on that one, kind of a big thing and a Kelly freakout

> Lynch for 2, then Wilson to TE Tony Moeaki, with flags all over it; phantom defensive hold not needed

> Lynch on a screen against a blitz, Green lucky to hold it to six yards

> First quarter ended as Green 7, Aqua 0, but Aqua with 21 offensive plays to 9 for Green

> Wilson keeps on the read option and scores from 26 yards away, and so much for the idea that Green trains against that play all of the time and can deal with it

> KR Josh Huff to the 21 yard line with pain, and Aqua gets their haka on with post-whistle happiness

> S Kam Chancellor plays STs, which seems like a bit of a waste, but yeah, he's good at that, too

> McCoy for 10, encouraging hole

> Sanchez to Matthews on the cross for 17, actual offensive competence, so it did in fact exist

> Sanchez tries Cooper into double coverage deep, and not sure why that's a good idea with S Earl Thomas back there

> Sproles loses 8 on Aqua pursuit, and that's another big reason why I don't like the low percentage deep ball on first down

> 3rd and 18 is the give up to Sproles, who gets back 6 of it

> Lynch for 3, just body blows to set you up for later

> Lynch for 2 as Cole makes the play, line did a great job with only six in the box

> 3rd and 5 and get off the field for the love of God is Wilson from the gun, missing Baldwin high, and the refs didn't call DPI on S Malcolm Jenkins when the WR ran into him

> McCoy for 3, more room than usual for the drag play

> McCoy loses 3, looked like tempo was counter productive there

> 3rd and 10 is Sanchez to Matthews, dropped and wouldn't have gotten to the sticks anyway

> I like tempo as much as the next guy, but when it goes three and out, it's terrible

> Wilson always knows when it's safe to extend the ball for a little extra on a scramble

> 3rd and 4 to get off the field and save field position is Wilson drawing the big jump from Cole, gift first down

> Lynch for nothing, defensive line just doing work so far

> Wilson to Baldwin, 20 yards on the move on Jenkins, nice work by the WR, good throw by the QB

> Wilson to WR Kevin Norwood, 10 simple yards down the middle, Aqua motoring

> Wilson for seven to the right as the edge gets pancaked

> Lynch for 2, Matthews with a reasonable impersonation of a MLB

> 3rd and 1 from long figgie range is Lynch getting through, and DE Bennie Logan looks hurt / gassed

> Wilson with all day, no one to throw it to, scrambles and throws it away, and sacking him seems downright impossible at times

> Turbin dropped by Cox for a loss, and that man was huge today

> 3rd and 11 with longish figgie looming, Aqua timeout

> wilson whistled for grounding as Kendricks makes a whale of a play, and that takes the figgie off the board

> Second time today that the Green defense has made a huge play to keep possible long points off the board

> Honestly, there really needs to be some kind of an inquest as to why Sanchez throws to Cooper, since it's nearly always a disaster

> Game is tied, but it's got the Boys Against Men feel to it

> Jones to the 30, Baldwin ended by CB/STer Nolan Carroll, and that was manly

> Turbin for 4, a lot of clock run, then Wilson sacked by DE Vinny Curry on a three man rush

> Curry's 8th sack of the year, and Green's post-sack timeout seemed overly optimistic

> 3rd and 13 is Wilson to Baldwin, and yeah, the Green timeout isn't good now

> All day and no one to throw to on first leads to the throwaway; pack a lunch today, secondary

> Kendricks on the delayed blitz leads to another throwaway on second down, pretty imaginative plan by DC Billy Davis

> 3rd and 10 becomes 3rd and 15 on a delay of game, and it's so freshing to see that called when it happens

> 3rd and 15 with 28 seconds left is Wilson to Richardson, Houdini act and secondary breakdown, and that's 20 yards of tear my freaking hair out

> Figgie level play as S Nate Allen doesn't make the play; Cole also got away with a late and high hit on the QB

> 6th play of 20+ yards for Aqua now, and somehow only 7 points

> 20 seconds left and a 52-yard figgie try, need another saving sack

> Wilson throws it away, and yes, grounding is just legal now

> Wilson to Moeaki, TE can't make the play, the QB taking a lot of hits

> 3rd and 10 is a nice play to Baldwin, gets 9, stops the clock and makes the figgie a lot easier

> K Steven Haschka from 44 connects, and it's 10-7 Aqua at the half

> Least amount of yards in a half for a Kelly Eagle team

> McCoy fumbles to start the second half, and that could be freaking killshottish

> Lynch gains 4 when he could have lost 5, and that's one of those plays that saps the will

> Wilson to Lynch, throwback screen that's all kinds of open, and it's Aqua 17, Green 7; again, reminds one of the Niner game

> Aqua might have gotten away with clips on the pass protection, but that's rarely called

> Huff takes it back to the 40, and the returner is ruled down before it comes loose

> Aqua challenges, because the game is over if it's overturned

> Ruling on the field stands, and it's still something of a game

> Sanchez from the gun to Cooper for five yards, telegraphed, obvious, but the WR was open at least

> A loss of one for Sproles on second, and the critical third down is Sanchez missing TE Zach Ertz, but lobbying for the obvious hold

> It's called pass interference, which is more generous than holding, and helpful

> McCoy for three, then Sanchez to Ertz down the sidelines for a possible 35 yard score, and wow, was that needed

> That play showed you why Ertz over Celek is a necessary evolution for this club, and represents nearly half of the offensive output so far in this game

> Play stands on review, and it's Aqua 17, Green 14 with 27 minutes left

> Richardson makes the mistake of bringing it out, and Aqua will start at their 9

> Crowd getting loud, Wilson keeps for 12 before Allen armbars him down

> Total loss of contain on that, ugly

> Deep ball to Baldwin, CB Bradley Fletcher on the play, should be OPI, isn't, massive play

> Bad throw, WR not open, 44 yards to the offense, sure, why not

> Wilson flips to Lynch to get 1, rather than lose 6 on a sack

> Pre-snap confusion, Lynch for seven yards through Logan

> 3rd and 2 and all kinds of important is Wilson to the FB, and yuck

> Long clock, Wilson to Baldwin, separating from Jenkins, and so much for the defense to make any kind of post-score stand

> Aqua 24, Green 14, 24 minutes left

> Sanchez barely escaping a sack, completes to Maclin for 12 yards on a play that could have ended his day

> McCoy for two, looked like the read option was open, but understandable why he didn't want that

> McCoy for five as Fox goes through who is at the game, as it anyone could care

> 3rd and 3, Sanchez tries Maclin, covered by Sherman, no flag because there was no DPI, but it's not as if there was DPI on the Fletcher play, either

> Kelly riding the refs more than any game I've ever seen

> Sherman going full WWE heel on the sidelines, which is what he does; I'd love him if he wore my laundry

> Lynch for 4, Wilson to Norwood for 11, very open passing lanes for Aqua

> Lynch for nothing, Cox showing why you don't beat Green running it any more

> Lynch for a yard on a diagnosed screen, Barwin doing work

> 3rd and 9 is Wilson from the gun getting caved in, and Kearse can't make the play or get the DPI call

> Ryan nearly blocked, Sproles muffs it but recovers, and ye gads, not for the faint of heart

> Sanchez can't complete to the covered Matthews, and there are few easy holes to throw to here

> Sanchez to Ertz for five, safety valve play as Aqua does not buy the play fake everyone else buys

> Third and five is another incomplete / hold / no call, and yeah, Ref Wants To Go Home, Too

> RT Jason Peters gets 15 for calling the refs what he is, and it's Chanting Time as Sherman pours gas on the fire

> Baldwin catches a punt, Carroll catches him, and the refs toss a feel good hold to rectify the earlier no-call

> Still 18+ minutes left as Wilson gets a yard, Cole reading the read option

> Wilson to Kearse, great catch by the WR for 20 yards, just what they needed

> Wilson to Lockette, another chunk of 19, worst moment of the day for CB Cary Williams

> Lynch loses two as Curry dominates his gap

> Jenkins stops TE Luke Wilson in the flat, setting up another big and long third down

> 3rd and 11 outside of figgie range is Wilson from the gun, should have been OPI on an underthrow to Richardson, recovery play by Fletcher

> Ryan's punt gets into the end zone, and that's the end of the third quarter

> Sanchez takes a sack from DE Michael Bennett, more of that coming

> McCoy slips on 2nd and 15, and Eagle Fan is becoming disgruntled

> 3rd and 14 is wonder if we can get a defensive holding call, and instead, Ertz has a ball go through his hands on a high pass

> Now 1 for 9 on third down, four series with three and out

> Wilson holds it for five seconds, spins out, finds Kearse, first down, lather, rinse, repeat

> Something of a tribute to Green that Aqua isn't just trying to take the air out of the football with running plays

> Kearse, simple screen, first down

> Lynch for five, game soon over without a major Aqua mistake

> Lynch mucks for four, Aqua nearing figgie range

> Aqua goes heavy, gets a yard with Lynch

> Aqua timeout, Fox fellates the coaches, Cole stops Wilson on the keep for a five yard loss

> Wilson misses Baldwin high, setting up third and 15 to stay in a theoretical game

> Wilson to Lynch in the flat, stripped, and Green gets the ball, Kendricks putting his hat right on the ball to force the play

> Sanchez responds with the inevitable impatient / not good enough INT on an underthrow to Cooper, and yeah, well, there's a reason why Sanchez to Cooper isn't going to be on our Eagles Finally Win A Super Bowl Year Highlights

> 3rd and 7 has Jenkins jumping the route perfectly, could have been a clear TAInt, but the S doesn't make the catch, and yeah... Jenkins makes that play in Eagle wins earlier in the year

> Eagle Fan got angry when Sanchez didn't put himself into jeopardy on a late scramble, because going from QB2 to QB3 is such a good idea

> Sanchez to Cooper, actual third down conversion, and Aqua kills tempo with a finger boo boo

> Sack number two for Aqua, then slow tempo, then sack number three

> Boys against men, and pretender against contender

> 3rd and 20 in four down territory is Sanchez to Maclin for 8 yards, and a punt, because Kelly knows when he's been beaten within an inch of his life

> As bad as the Niner game, really

> Aqua runs out the game on the ground as everyone involved gets on with their lives

> Fox going to Nick Foles Speculation, because, well, after this game, we've all seen the ceiling of Sanchez

> Green is now 9-4, still in the driver seat for the NFC East, but if you think they can beat either this team or the Packers in the playoffs, You Use Recreational Drugs

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