Sunday, December 21, 2014

NFL Week 16 Ad Questions

10) Is this the first year where the Romolicious woman did well in her fantasy league?

9) Does owning an iPhone make users lose all sense of shame and discuss their pathetic game nerding loudly, or sing their mundane questions?

8) If I don't take Tamiflu, will I develop gigantism?

7) Are AT&T users sexually excited by using power tolls against paper

6) Is anyone else a little disturbed that toenail fungus has to be treated by punching toes for a 48-week period?

5) Is there a single actual football fan who is excited about Katy Perry playing the Super Bowl halftime show?

4) If your gift memories are made by $5 worth of McNuggets, isn't that just the saddest story ever?

3) Are the people who give Subway gift cards unaware of the existence of cash, canned goods or methadone?

2) Do FedEx delivery men have the ability to trap office workers in bizarre positions?

1) If I enter a Burger King, will I be transported to the 1970s, and if so, doesn't that call the freshness of the "food" into question?

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