Sunday, December 7, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 14 Ad Questions

Come back when you've got sleeves
10) Are Cialis users trapped in sham relation- ships with women who fake laugh at every thing?

9) Are Apple users prone to behaving like stereotypical French douchebags to each other, or everyone?

8) If I buy from the Martha Stewart collection at Macy's, will I look like a victim of demonic possession?

7) Will Wal-Mart gift recipients have difficulty separating video games from reality, and if so, can we please quietly separate them from their guns?

6) Is Intel planning on getting us all to buy their gear simply through the smugness of their nerdy Asperger's Syndrome spokesman?

5) If I invest with T. Rowe Price, will I start to hallucinate about wires?

4) Are Aflac users prone to starting at at duck asses in yoga classes?

3) Is Symbicort just for animated wolves and groping grandfathers?

2) Does anyone else want to join me in a torches and pitchforks style visit to the NFL Shop mom's house, so we can show them just how much we hate her irritating disapora fandom family?

1) Is Hanes the only thing that's keeping us from an epidemic of people wearing kittens as clothing?

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