Sunday, December 7, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 14 Takeaways

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10) New Orleans now has a 4-game home losing streak, and could still win their utter dumpster fire of a division

9) Pittsburgh had a signature win on the road in Cincy, and would be in the running for a home bye if they only beat dog teams at home

8) Jim Harbaugh ensured that the Raiders knew exactly what they could be hiring as his Niners got slapped by a Raider team that lost by 52 last week

7) Jeff Fisher sent out the six guys that the Rams got in the Bob Griffin trade for the coin toss against the Slurs, just to pour brine into the salt that was already in the wound before a 24-0 road shutout

6) Slur Fan who paid up to $1 for tickets on StubHub clearly spent too much

5) Brian Hoyer made very sure that everyone in Cleveland knew why he should no longer have the starting job

4) The Giants took out two months of winless frustration against a Titans team that, against all odds, has lost their way into top pick contention

3) Arizona held on to beat the Chiefs with the help of an absurd fumble call, and shockingly, Andy Reid's tenure as Chiefs Head Coach is not getting better over time

2) Denver ground up the Bills with a game plan that made QB Peyton Manning into a spectator, and activated but did not play TE Julius Thomas, just for maximum Fantasy Owner Hate Points

1) At 2-11, Tampa is in the amazing and unique position of being in position for the top pick in the upcoming draft, while also still able to host a home playoff game

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