Sunday, December 14, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 15 Ad Questions

Charge On Double D
10) Did the ad agency that hired Gary Busey to try to jam a shell into a computer get to drink with him?

9) At this point in their respective careers, isn't it slumming for Weird Al Yankovic to shill for Radio Shack?

8) Is one of the side effects of Symbicort the violet death of pigs?

7) Does anyone engage in soul-crushing insecurity prior to performance, only to get solace from their wrist watch?

6) If I buy a Ford van, will I be required to work insane hours and live in my vehicle?

5) Was the suicide of Robin Williams aided and abetted by appearing in "Night at the Museum"?

4) Are the children of Lexus owners ever allowed to visit car dealerships, or would that ruin their faith in Santa?

3) Do Honda buyers watch their outdated action figures have relations?

2) Are Nest thermostats users all emotionally abusive?

1) Can we see the outtakes from the Game of War ads where Kate Upton can't keep containment?

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