Sunday, December 14, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 15 Takeaways

Winner, And Loser, Get Ohio
10) Cincy proved that there can be no competitive games in Battles of Ohio, and that the home team's fans will always go home suicidal

9) The refs in the Seahawks-Niners game called a roughing the passer call on San Francisco for a perfectly executed quarterback pressure, and fans from both teams were united in their distaste for the utter impossible mess that football has become

8) The Jets won a game 16-11, which is a score that has never happened in the NFL before, proving that even the most dogdirt game can show you something you haven't seen before

7) Green Bay remains winless in Buffalo, which sounds like an obviously wrong trivia answer

6) Denver won on the road in San Diego despite the continued limited play of game manager QB Peyton Manning

5) Blair Walsh missed all three of his field goal attempts in a 16-14 loss in a freaking dome in Detroit, and sure, the last one was from 68 yards, but still

4) Washington lost seven points on a Bob Griffin fumble and recovery ruling at the end of the first half against the Giants, leading to multiple freakout flags and the Single Play In Microcosm Moment of Bob's career in DC

3) Pittsburgh won on the "road" in Atlanta in a game where their fans clearly impacted the Falcon offense, but it really doesn't matter, since the Falcons can still "win" the NFC South

2) Speaking of the South, Derek Anderson led the Panthers to first place, fulfilling another End Times prophecy and giving more wood to the fire of Let Them Secede Already

1) New England won the AFC East for the 11th year out of the last 12, and while that's a fine accomplishment, at some point, the NFL needs to move a second actual NFL franchise in that division

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