Sunday, December 21, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 16 Takeaways

The Cowboys Clinch
10) The Rams and the Giants brawled a whole lot to show the world that they cared way too much in a Week 16 game with no playoff implications

9) Miami Fan got to cheer a thrilling Dolphin win, mourn the end of their playoff chances, and sigh over the news from their ownership that there would be no coaching changes for 2015

8) Detroit took a while to realize that Bears QB2 Jimmy Claussen wasn't just going to throw the ball to him, and that they'd have to actually do something to win the game

7) Atlanta officially ended the Saints' playoff hopes, and the idea that they still have any semblance of home field advantage

6) Rex Ryan and the Jets played the Patriots very tight and lost, ensuring that Rex will be able to find a new job as someone's defensive coordinator next year

5) Pittsburgh beat the Chiefs and, more importantly, somehow kept the Impossible Dream of a No TDs For WRs year for KC possible

4) Cam Newton shook off the effects of a car accident to heroically lead his team to, um, 17 points in a victory of the Manziel/Hoyer Browns

3) Indy took their bye early while still playing many of their starters, which seems like it would be hard to do

2) Dallas clinched the NFC East, ensuring the cicada-like rise of the most noxious creature in sports, Bandwagon Cowboy Fan

1) We got one step closer to Roger Goodell's perfect NFL vision of a penalty flag on each and every play, especially anything involving a QB or WR

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