Sunday, December 28, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 17 Takeaways

Yes, America, They Are Truly Back
10) Dallas completed an 8-0 road season, pleasing all of the fans that they have across the country that have kept that aspect of their personality quiet for the past two decades

9) Tampa came through in the clutch to lose a winnable game against the Saints, and lock down a higher draft pick

8) Aaron Rodgers gave every pathetically old sportscaster an excuse to show off his Willis Reed chops

7) Atlanta responded to a win and in home game opportunity with an "effort" against the surging Panthers that showed just why the NFC South is such a tire fire this year

6) Kansas City completed the Most Perfect Andy Reid Year Ever with No TDs to WRs, no playoff appearance, and an over .500 record

5) The Jets sent Rex Ryan off on his ice floe with the best game of Geno Smith's career, just to make sure that the QB will be around to drive Jets Fan insane again next year

4) The Jets win came at the expense of Miami, whose fans have to be ready to renew their season tickets for the same coaching regime in 2015

3) Detroit still hasn't won in Wisconsin in generations, and QB Matthew Stafford remains winless for his career against +.500 teams, but at least NT Ndamakong Suh got in a ridiculous un-penalized cheap shot that will be addressed before their upcoming playoff game

2) San Francisco sent Jim Harbaugh off with a home win against the Cardinals, who are still going to go to the playoffs for no good reason

1) After sleeping in for a half, Seattle's offense showed up long enough to slap down the Rams and seal home field for the playoffs

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