Sunday, December 28, 2014

Top 10 reasons why the Browns suspended Josh Gordon

Has the word Lose on both hands
10) Prevents the WR from acquiring time against free agent status, on the off chance that he stays out of jail or rehab

9) Reminds everyone that he's an attitude problem, which is very important for a guy with past issues

8) Against all odds, Gordon somehow failed to put up big numbers with the Browns QBs

7) Team has many bitter fantasy league guys who started him in playoff weeks

6) WR hasn't showed the kind of team-first attitude that team management, with a history of criminal activity, appreciates

5) Club really enjoys attention from the NFLPA, and this pretty much ensures a visit

4) You don't run up the kind of record that the Browns have since getting back into the NFL without having an awful lot of moments like this

3) Gives the young Browns WRs a chance to show their, um, abilities

2) When you start QB3 in Week 17 against a team that's known for their defensive pressure and weak secondary, you want to make sure that the tank job is comprehensive

1) Gordon missed a walk-through for a 7-8 team playing a meaningless game, and if you can't get up for meaningless games, you can't be a Brown

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