Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Brief And Obvious Point About ReversalGate, Or Whatever The Hell Happened In Dallas Today

Yes, This Is Pass Interference
It's 20-17 Detroit, with a 3rd and 1 from the Dallas 46 with 8:22 left, when the disputed defensive pass inter- ference play occurs. Whether or not the call is correct isn't the point. The fact is that the penalty was called on the field. Dallas doesn't challenge the ruling. Instead, the refs just reversed it, 20 seconds after the initial call, and 40 seconds after the play is over. (I've looked at the tape.)

I have never seen that done in 35+ years of watching the NFL. I have never heard of that happening, at any level of football. High school, college, USFL, XFL, NFL; can't think of anything like it. And in a playoff game, in the fourth quarter.

Also, Cowboys WR Dez Bryant removes his helmet and comes on the field to argue the call, which is an automatic unsportsmanlike penalty. This infraction is also missed. Even if you somehow justify turning over the pass interference, Dallas should still lose 15 yards. Detroit should still have the ball.

Bryant, On Field, Without Helmet
So instead of Detroit having a first and 10 at the Dallas 30, or the 15, with the chance to put the game away with a touchdown when they've been effective in the red zone most of the day, they have a fourth down, which they turn into a punt. Unless Detroit turns the ball over immediately after the DPI call, or K Matt Prater misses a field goal when he's made his previous two, it's going to be Detroit 23-17, or 27-17, probably with about 7 minutes left. Dallas will also likely lose 10-15 yards of field position from a kickoff that's likely to be a touchback, instead of the subsequent shanked punt that gave them the ball at their own 36.

The reversal changed the entire game. Dallas, to their credit, took advantage of the gift. Detroit did not overcome the adversity. But you don't have to be a Dallas hater to question the integrity of the event, or the league that condoned it. Especially with everything else that's hit the league this year.

And when you start questioning whether or not the game is on the up and up... well, that's a whole different level of entertainment. Usually held in a wrestling ring.

(Oh, and one final point about this? Fox doesn't mention Bryant being on the field, or notice that the play has been reversed, for a good ten seconds after the refs say their peace on the PA. Just in case you'd like to extend your conspiracy beliefs to the announcing team, which is half made up of ex-Cowboys, or wonder what in the blue hell they were doing while the entire game was changing on the shakiest ref call since the Fail Mary.)

How the Lions played the rest of this game without just attacking the refs physically, I'll never know...

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