Monday, January 26, 2015

A Modest Proposal For NFL Players, In Re Fines

For next year. File it away.

I understand that following the lead of Marshawn Lynch seems like an odd thing to do. Hell, many of you may not even like the guy, what with the butthurt that he seems to create among defensive players and the media. But on some level, you have to wonder...

If the NFL is going to superfine the guy for not giving the press enough, and superflag him for hand gestures that might not even be all that deliberate...

Well, what is to keep them from doing it to you?

Nothing, actually. And the noose will just keep tightening, since the fine fees are starting to work like civil forfeiture...

and, well, isn't it time to give the league a little taste of its own medicine?

So here's what I'm proposing. Next pre-season, when anyone on the field does anything good -- first downs, touchdowns, big hits, interceptions, fumble recoveries, etc. -- act like nothing of importance has happened at all. Just hand the ball to the ref, and go back to the huddle.

Trudge, actually, if the game situation allows it. Let this posture be your guide.

Don't congratulate anyone on anything, Don't betray the idea that you enjoy this game at all, that you are interested in performing it, or that anyone, anywhere, should watch it.

For just one week.

See if anyone notices.

Or does anything, you know, for you.

Five minutes after ESPN calls Roger Goodell and finds a new area to drill...

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