Saturday, January 3, 2015

Arizona vs. Carolina NFL Playoff Takeaways

Ryan Lindley's True Level
10) There may have not been a worse game in the NFL this year, especially when it came to special teams

9) This was the first playoff game ever for ESPN, and yes, they deserved it

8) If you have no concept of what pass interference is after watching this game, yeah, well, me neither

7) Arizona had 77 net yards, the fewest in NFL playoff history, and five offensive plays in the second half that gained actual yards, which is hard to do on any level

6) I'm not saying Ryan Lindley looked scared as Arizona's QB today, but his jersey looked like it had fecal stains

5) Carolina won by double digits on a day where QB Cam Newton missed any number of open receivers, because, well, Lindley really is that turrible

4) I didn't need to see any more of the Eagles this year, but there's no way that either of these teams were better than them at the end of the year

3) If this was WR Larry Fitzgerald's last game in the laundry, he proved that he still has something in the tank, in that he actually had any catches at all with Lindley at QB

2) Unless you root for ARI or CAR, or had money on it, there's no way you stayed awake for the entire game, and probably not even then

1) Technically, this counts as Cam Newton's first playoff win, but honestly, you could not have asked for an easier degree of difficulty

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