Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Brief And Obvious Reasons Why Cardale Jones Should Go To The NFL

Got Ya College Experience Here
> If you go now, you are far more likely to go to a good team that will not start you right away. I trust an NFL club to coach him up more than I do a college one, particularly a college one with a dominant running game.

> Jones has a kid already. Cashing in for the relatively high payday now, rather than putting it at risk every week, is what people who aren't independently wealthy already should do.

> Now that the NFL has a scale for draft pick payments, getting the Jamesis Winston early money isn't really the Set For Life moment; Sam Bradford was the last guy to get that deal. Declaring early means you've got more time in the league, and maybe another year of seven to eight figure money. (Honestly, I'm not sure why anyone would want to play for free when they could be paid meaningful money, but that's a whole 'nother kettle of mystery.

> He was QB3 for a reason before, and the competition to just keep the job will be intense. Oh, and repeating is damned deadly difficult, especially for teams with this many highly recruited athletes. There's a reason why teams, even young ones, don't repeat.

> NFL teams draft on potential, much more than performance, especially at QB. The longer that Jones stays at college, the more warts are going to appear, and that's independent of any injury risk. (By the way, injury risk? Really high for a 250-pound mobile QB that does not shy away from contact.)

> Seriously, dude, you've won the lottery. You don't need to buy more tickets to super win the lottery. 

I get how people feel that college is the best years of your life.

I get that playing for your school is supposed to be so much more fun that being a pro, and that the college experience is a priceless and fantastic experience.

The people who say that aren't going to make life-changing money in a handful of years in their '20s.

Which is, well, a pretty damned priceless and fantastic experience in and of itself...

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