Saturday, January 10, 2015

Carolina v. Seattle NFL Playoff Takeaways

> Seahawks S Kam Chancellor vaulted the line on back to back field goal attempts, blocking the second play, in a ridiculous display of athleticism, only to be shafted by the refs for no good reason at all

> Despite the fact that this game had way fewer points than Ravens-Patriots, it was still exciting and fun to watch, honest NFL, please don't take away all of the teams that can play defense

> In this game, like in the earlier one, the announcers referenced the Dallas Screwjob ref moment, just to make Detroit Fan even more bitter

> Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch struggled for much of the game, then had the One Ridiculous Play that opened up the floodgates

> Panthers QB Cam Newton made good on his pre-game threat to go after Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, with predictably mixed results

> Seahawks QB Russell Wilson was 8 for 8 tonight on third down with 3 TDs, which isn't exactly hurting his Next Contract payday

> Newton's stiff arm is, like his size and running ability, unfair to even really good DBs

> Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin brought his "A" game hands to this one, and seems to only play well when he's got a challenge / can rack up numbers in garbage time

> Chancellor's INT and TD return in the fourth quarter in the red zone ended most drama, betting or otherwise

> Fox showed uncommon discipline to wait until the fourth quarter to start full-on Green Bay - Dallas hype

> It's a wee bit telling that Seattle won and covered the spread while Carolina actually played very well

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