Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis NFL Playoff Takeaways

Derp Derp Derp Derp
10) Kicker Mike Nugent's bank shot from 57 yards to close the half clearly bailed out coach Marvin Lewis

9) The media chastised Indy for drops that kept the Bengals in the game in the first half, as if the Colts don't drop the ball a lot, and the Bengals aren't good enough in coverage to inspire a lot of that

8) I'd go into some of the depths of inanity that Phil Simms visited, but it's easier to just remind you that Phil Simms exists, and is, consequently, inane

7) Down four starters and on the road, this game had all of the excuses that Bengal Fan would ever want for another playoff failure, and they took it

6) It was awfully hospitable of the Bengals to get away from the power running game that was working, and put the game into super-shaky Andy Dalton's hands

5) If Andrew Luck isn't going to throw INTs in a playoff game, that's just unfair

4) Adam Jones pules for PI so much, he really should play WR

3) If Adam Vinateri isn't careful, he's going to be making field goals for another 10 to 15 years

2) It's not as if Indy needed it, but man alive, the refs were in the tank for them in this one

1) You'll forgive Bengal Fan if they can't decide whether to have less faith in Lewis or Dalton

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