Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dallas v. Green Bay Playoff Takeaways

That's Porny
> Seriously, Dallas Fans, it must be awful to lose a game on an utterly bogus officiating call

> Dallas wasn't as fortunate to avoid a short field in the first quarter. after recovering the strip of QB Tony Romo by Packers DE Julius Peppers, as they might have imagined

> The Pack's first drive, with strong running and blocking all across the field and a masterful third down red zone touchdown conversion, was porny

> Dallas' first score was set up by a ticky tack DPI penalty, because we've secretly replaced the refs with Folgers crystals / scabs

> Calling a game in January that's played in 30 degree weather an Ice Bowl should finally convince every meathead out there that (a) Fox hires idiots, and (b) there might be something to this global warming stuff

> For a field that looks as bad as Green Bay's usually looks, play doesn't seem to be too impacted

> DeMarco Murray's third quarter fumble, caused by Peppers, was game changing, given the size of the hole and the time of the game

> Down 8, KR/WR Randall Cobb fumbles a kickoff, but Green Bay recovers to keep it a game, and yeah, that was another killshot opportunity that Dallas missed

> Rodgers' last TD of the day might have been one of the best of his career; just an utter laser in the red zone, perfectly placed, on a had to have it third down

> The NFL in 2014 is saving all of us a lot of time by letting us just watch, and talk about, the single screwjob play that decides the game, rather than all of those other boring plays

> Randall Cobb was very, very naughty for celebrating on the field when he made the third-down catch that ended it, and deserved penalty and censure

> As big and awful as the Bryant flag was, Dallas didn't make any defensive stops of substance in the second half, and Murray's fumble was an utter killer

> Even if Bryant's catch is stands, Dallas has a 2 or 3 point lead on the road against Rodgers, so, um, not exactly a lead pipe cinch to win, seeing how the defense failed to stop Green Bay and get the ball back for the rest of the game

> Somehow, this was all Tony Romo's fault

> Just like in the Ravens game, going for the end zone with a ton of time left on the clock resulted in a game-ending turnover

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