Sunday, January 4, 2015

Detroit v. Dallas NFL Playoff Takeaways

The Worst Bukkake Ever
10) I'm not sure when Golden Tate became not just the best WR on Detroit, but one of the best in the league

9) Joe Buck totally jinxed Dallas K Dan Bailey by showing his accuracy stats just before an attempt

8) You could kind of tell the heat in the building from the Lions' increasingly two-toned blue jerseys

7) It must be nice to be a Dallas fan, in that your team can commit DPI, get called for it, then have it magically disappear while also counting down the game clock against the opposition

6) If Dallas can bring these refs with them to Green Bay, anything can happen

5) It's rare that you more or less dominate the game in the trenches and still lose

4) It's an automatic 15-yard penalty for arguing a call on the field without your helmet, but not if you are Dez Bryant at home

3) The national media's collective relief over Dallas advancing was more than palpable

2) Nobody turtles up to escape physical punishment like Tony Romo, and yes, that is something of a compliment, especially when QB2 is Brandon Weeden

1) I'm not saying this game was fixed, but it limped home, whimpering, and doesn't bark at the other puppies any more

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Snd_dsgnr said...

I also thought Tyron Smith got away with a hold on the last Dallas TD. I don't usually fall in with the tin foil had brigade, but holy crap this game made me wonder. It isn't like Goodell has any integrity.

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