Sunday, January 18, 2015

Green Bay v. Seattle NFL Playoff Takeaways

Yes, This And The SEA Comeback is Real
> If you took Seattle to cover the spread, you were pretty much done before 4pm EST

> Seattle showed all of its possible weather options today

> The only thing the Seattle pass rush did for most of the first half was jump offsides

> I'm not saying Aaron Rodgers was bored while the Pack built their lead, but dude was freaking yawning

> Seattle did not have a first down for the first 23 minutes of game play and still won, which is all kinds of insane

> If you didn't know which team had the dominant defense before this game, this game would fool you a lot

> Green Bay took a 15 yard penalty for crushing Russell Wilson after a pick, which seems like a good use of 15 yards

> Seattle got away with a late hit on Clay Matthews after a sack, which seems like a poor use of rules

> Saying the fake field goal call for Seattle's first score took stones insults the nature of stones

> Why Green Bay was throwing, up 16 with the rushing game dominant, in a sudden outbreak of driving rain made no sense to no one

> Why Green Bay was throwing late in the game and up 12 with a dominant defense made sense to no one

> Why Green Bay turtled up on an INT return with five minutes left... ah, you know the rest

> Somewhere, Percy Harvin was laughing very, very hard, and then weeping, and then he got bored and smoked some weed

> How Mason Crosby made the tying field goal, with Fox rolling out every possible Figgie Miss Jinx Graphic, we'll never know

> If you just throw it to Jermaine Kearse often enough, it all works out, or something

> There will be a class-action lawsuit from the gamblers of America that the PAT is not tried after winning touchdowns in overtime, seeing how that point would have completed the biggest suckout in gambling history

> We can never doubt Joe Buck again when he says a game is far from over

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