Sunday, January 18, 2015

NFL Conference Championship Ad Questions

Corpse Sells Cars
10) Are Chevy truck drivers people who never get sick of hearing the same guitar riff?

9) Why does the depressed chicken family let its kids play with discarded containers?

8) If I get a Nest protect smoke alarm, can I hire terrible babysitters to watch my terrible kids?

7) Has anyone ever put Burger King chicken products on a plate?

6) Are Dr. Pepper drivers stalked by weird dogs?

5) Why are Bank of America shoppers so smug?

4) What questions does Hot Tub Time Machine II answer that were left unanswered by the first epic?

3) Does cutting a piece of paper in half really require power tools?

2) Do Nissan drivers fantasize about crushing snow zombies?

1) Is Joe Strummer's corpse spinning over having the Clash's music sell Cadillac, when we're pretty damned sure that was pretty much 100% not his intention?

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