Sunday, January 4, 2015

NFL Wildcard Weekend Ad Questions

The Swedish Murder Machine
10) How many people watching an NFL game can buy a plane?

9) How is Meathead Rob Lowe capable of speech, let alone commercial endorsement?

9) If I drink Dr. Pepper, am I encouraging the employment of vending staff with learning disabilities?

8) Does making Joe Montana actually eat the Papa John's pizza count as elder abuse?

7) How smart is Watson Analytics from IBM, when it causes people to bring cows indoors and stare at them?

6) If I eat Subway, while I become crazy aggro?

5) Is there something in McDonald's "food" that modifies the behavior of lifelong antagonists, and if so, shouldn't it require FDA approval?

4) Why should I eat a sandwich that appears to have achieved sentience, or at the very least, the attention of the redheaded Wendy's shrew?

3) If I don't rent a car from National, will Brock Sampson murder me, or at the very least, steal my coffee?

2) Are people who get the Domino's voice ordering app prone to terrible decisions before the download?

1) What unnecessary plastic device should I wear if my fit is epileptic?

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