Saturday, January 10, 2015

Baltimore v. New England Playoff Takeways

Pretty Clean Pocket for Edelman
> If the Ravens recover either first half Patriot fumble, they don't blow the early 14-point lead, or, in all likelihood, the later 14-point lead

> It was fun to hear Patriot Fan scream about the refs on a day when they could not rush the passer or run the ball, despite being at home and with a bye

> The older Tom Brady gets, the more emo he gets in the playoffs

> The quality and duration of the tongue bath that Cris Collingsworth and Al Michaels gave to Roger Goodell in this game was NC-17

> John Harbaugh took a 15-yard flag when he went on the field to yell at the ref, because he's not employed by Dallas to play WR

> Why QB Joe Flacco chose to go for the go-ahead score into double coverage, throwing a season-ending pick, while down 4 with 1:30 left, no one will ever know

> No, seriously, even if that play works, the Patriots have 90 seconds and two timeouts to come back and tie or win the game, and you've been mauling them in the running game, it makes no sense at all, you stupid, stupid mook...

> Just to prove that he still throws a better deep ball than Julian Edelman on his picture perfect trick play to Danny Amendola, Tom Brady connected with Brandon LaFell from deep for the go-ahead score

> NBC's relief at finally having a close game to broadcast was palpable

> The Legend of Revis Island took a pretty big hit today, and the next team that signs him to the big Nnamdi Asmoguha Memorial Contract is going to regret it

> Despite everything that happened in this game, it still came down to the fact that Baltimore couldn't generate, or win without. a dominant pass rush against a makeshift offensive line

> There's no way that the Broncos or Colts will give New England a bigger fight next week, so yeah, the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl

1 comment:

CMJDad said...

I hope the Pats do make the SB. That way, Pretty Boy Brady will be the first QB to have 3 SB wins AND 3 SB loses!

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