Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore NFL Playoff Takeaways

Oh Dear
10) NBC sounded very unhappy that the weather in this game wasn't terrible

9) It turns out that Ben Tate is just that much of a loser after all

8) We've clearly found out who the best Harbaugh coach is now

7) The refs clearly forgot who the constantly penalized team is

6) Terrell Suggs is downright terrifying

5) Any minute now, Justin Forsett is going to wake up and this will all just be a dream

4) If anyone can figure out why Pittsburgh decided that establishing the running game with backups against a dominant front seven would happen, you're smarter than, well, the Pittsburgh coaching staff

3) It's been a wonderful career and all, but the Steelers defense really isn't better with Troy Polamalu on the field anymore, given that he still free lances, but isn't other-worldly fast

2) How the Ravens are able to piece together a defensive secondary out of castoffs, when my laundry can't do it with near perfect health from hand picked free agents and draft picks, is one of those things that just make you go gahhh

1) This was Baltimore's first playoff win over Pittsburgh since the franchise reboot, which means Yinzer Fan has lost a critical talking point, and Raven Fan just got a little bit more insufferable

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