Sunday, January 11, 2015

Top 10 NFL Divisional Playoff Ad Questions

And Everywhere Else
10) Why is McDonald's making everyone weep, even more than the people who eat there?

9) Did the headphones manufacturer have to pay Jim Rome to be a guy that athletes can't stand to listen to, or did he volunteer?

8) Seriously now, do I have to be pro-slavery to enjoy owning an Escalade?

7) If I get an iPad, do I need to also get tattoos?

6) Does Pizza Hut have some kid of hatred of pizza crust that needs to be addressed?

5) If the Dodge Brothers believe that driving was some sort of holy experience, and their cars had weird symbols on the ornaments, is there some kind of Illuminati thing going on?

4) Are smartphone data users very animated about shortfall?

3) Do Lexus SUV owners fill their sleds with discordant elements?

2) Has Peyton Manning's losing feeling from the Nationwide ad spread beyond his toes?

1) Does anyone really want to think very hard about the origins of Subway's "chicken"?

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