Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Brief And Obvious Point About Alex Rodriguez's Latest PED Apology

Enjoy That Landing, A-Rod
Yankee players do not care, because they stopped listening to this bag of crap at least five years ago. To be fair, MLB players generally don't listen to people who can't help them win games. Which is, well, a good description of this washed-up mediocrity.

Yankee fans do not care, because Yankee Fans do not care about anything that does not translate to wins, and, well, see above.

The media does not care, unless it gets them ratings or helps them fill the news hole (hello!). And, well, this is a baseball story. Those don't get ratings.

The Yankees do not care, because apologizing or not apologizing makes no difference to the performance of the team, or the player. They have to pay him anyway, so they're going to see if he's better than the collection of sludge that could also fill the slot.

So if absolutely no one cares... well, hold on, wait a minute. There is still someone who cares.


See, he still thinks there's an out to the festering turd heap that is his career. He seems to think that if he just apologizes in some magical way that he hasn't done before, then comes back and plays at an All-Star level for five to ten years, he'll pass Barry Bonds, be the all-time home run king, change Cooperstoown forever to accept a generation of outcasts, get those national television ads, etc., etc.

In other words, he's out of his mind.

And always has been. (To be fair, most athletes are. It's why they are better seen than heard.)

And by reporting or reading about this latest apology, we're feeding that delusion.

So this isn't just a train wreck, folks.

It's a train wreck where the crowd puts the train back on the ruined track, then asks the drunken engineer to do it again, so they can get a better look.

And he does it...

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