Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl 49 Ad Questions

A Haircut Might Have Saved Him
> Can I buy a Toyota if I have normal legs?

> If I file with Turbo Tax, can I bayonet British men?

> Are Kate Upton's breasts activated by sneaker pump technology?

> Is anyone else oddly disturbed about naked Minions?

> Do the guys who hurt themselves for single Skittles have, well, any money at all?

> Is the Terminator still scary when he's incredibly creaky and old?

> If I use Nationwide, will they not murder my child?

> When I switch to Esurance, do I get a blue meth bonus and a sweet Pontiac Aztek?

> Are Go Daddy's users solitary losers?

> How much weed did the Squaresoft people smoke to think their ad concept was a good one?

> Can I abandon my wife and kid just from the purchase of a Nissan?

> Why is Dodge making very old people race terrible cars?

> Does Human Pac Man work better or worse when drunk on cheap beer?

> Can I use Wix if I'm not a brain-damaged NFL has been?

> No, seriously, did Nationwide really green light THE DEATH OF CHILDREN as their new branding moment, or was this just the most effective act of corporate espionage ever?

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