Sunday, February 15, 2015

Top 10 NBA All Star Game Takeaways

Yes, Well, Sort Of
10) Dirk Nowitzki did a Vince Carter post-dunk celebration, just to prove he was the funniest guy in the game

9) The East did well when they ran 4 Hawks at once, mostly because they played a semblance of defense, if only by reflex

8) Arianna Grande looked remarkably chaste for an ex-child star, in that labia was not visible

7) Russell Westbrook hit his head on the rim, just to send Zach LaVine a message

6) Many records were set, including a low in how many f***s were given

5) Stephen Curry clowned some dudes, but also cost himself some money with his moms with turnovers

4) Steve Kerr was mic'ed up to do stand-up with Tim Duncan

3) LeBron James looked like he wanted the MVP early, then remembered the game, just like the regular season in the Eastern Conference, did not matter

2) Klay Thompson came in for Wesbrook in crunch time, because Kerr has to coach Thompson after this game

 1) Just like in most games played at Madison Square Garden, Carmelo Anthony took too many shots, was a liability on defense, didn't try very hard, and lost

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