Friday, February 13, 2015

Top 10 reasons why the Knicks might shut down Carmelo Anthony

Victory Formation
10) When you give a guy a max contract, it's not as if you expect him to actually give you a full season of "effort"

9) Anyone that doesn't like it can go root for the Nets, since they are probably miserable alcoholics anyway

8) Season ticket plans are long since sold, and it's not as if this franchise has ever seen the need to feel bad about ripping people off

7) Want to see how low the level of fame can be in the good seats

6) Anthony's left knee is so sore, he's only able to start in the All-Star Game

5) Curious to see if they can keep up their perfect winless record (0-13 and counting) without him

4) As they already have 10 wins on the year, and have avoided historic incompetence, there is really no reason behind non-existent pride to try to win any more games this year

3) It's not exactly the season for anyone with ties to Syracuse

2) The less people see him play, the more they might be able to fool free agents that this isn't a complete train wreck of a franchise

1) Tanking for more balls in the lottery is only reprehensible when Philadelphia seems to do it from the start of the year

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