Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Brief and Obvious Point About Chris Polk

If you must denigrate the Eagles' RB, who seems more likely than not to be RB1 in the wake of LeSean McCoy getting shuffled off to Buffalo...

You can call him injury prone.

You can call him untested.

You can note that is a restricted free agent after this year, and could be a real challenge for the team to sign, given that after the events of the last week, there's a chance that any player could be a real challenge for the Eagles to sign.

But if you want to call him a short yardage specialist, just because he had that role last year...

Well, um, no.

Look at the tape instead. The 38-yard score against the Lions, in particular.

Or ask how many short yardage guys take it to the house on a kickoff return.

Moving on...

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