Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brief And Obvious Points About Matt Barkley And Tim Tebow

Tebow Wuz Here
Barkley has not proven, with a statistically significant amount of data and an astonishing amount of Eye Fail, to not be an NFL QB.

Tebow has.

Barkley was, in fact, brought to the Eagles during the Chip Kelly Era, where he has frequently occupied an active roster space, and used up two years of salary and pension time accrual.

Tebow could have been employed by anyone in the NFL for a very long time. No franchise has felt so moved.

Barkley cost a fourth round pick, which means that trading him for less than that (as seems inevitable, given that far better assets than Barkley have gone for less) is a net loss, and not a good indication of Kelly's prowess as a GM or as a developer of talent.

Tebow costs, well, I guess the veteran minimum, considering how there's the other 31 teams steadfastly voting Um, No Thanks. And having a guy with the size of a TE taking snaps at QB does give the offense a certain Jared Lorenzon-esque issue of having to watch out for power sneakery. Me, personally, I think there are better ways to get one to three yards, and that any offensive play where that's the maximum payout is inherently suspect... but whatevs.

So here we are.

If the rumors are to be believed, Kelly wants to turn his Disaster QB away from a third-year guy who, despite Turnover Machine leanings, has had the offense resembling what it should look like... with a guy that has only ever succeeded when he ran the most conservative ball-control offense in modern NFL history.

For, I don't know, a guy that brings forth Culture, or some such nonsense.

And for those in the fan base who think Barkley is hot garbage, and are willing to get him out of here for anything, and think Tebow is a Winner or some such happy horseflop...

Do you watch football, or just like it for the stories?

Because if and when you get to see this guy throw a football like he was, well, a TE/FB who has no business throwing a football, in a tempo offense where this will get the offense off the field in the blink of an eye, assuming he doesn't just turn it over before then....

Well, then, finally, we will reach the point in which everyone jumps off the Kelly Bandwagon.

The only problem is that Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson won't magically reappear when that happens...

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