Monday, March 23, 2015

FTT Off-Topic: Time Out Of Mind

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Not sports, read or don't. It's a big Internets.

Here's something that you do not get to say very often as a Sports Blogger with the goal of making enough coin from site traffic to cash a check or six... I have not watched TV for over a week now. Probably the longest period in my life.

This is not a happy time, per se. It's not an unhappy time because of the lack of programming. It's a time where my career is changing on what seems to be a daily basis, as different contracting opportunities rise and fall, as different consumer categories and industries matter and then do not. It's a time of great uncertainty and certain needs.

I've also got a fantasy baseball draft to run and participate in this Saturday, and this is so not the time to try and eat all of that info. My defending championship team is DOA, really. Maybe if I keep the television off long enough, all of the reading I'm doing will be retained. Maybe.

Now, I've *followed* sports in that time, of course. I've read the box scores and tracked my teams, and I've taken a big wide miss on the NCAA Tournament for years now. I've thought about sports a lot, especially when trying to trick my mind out of the I HATE RUNNING mindset that my body keeps sending to my brain for the 25 miles a week that I do it. I've written about them, as the blog here shows.

But actual time spent in front of the screen, and the screen is on? None.

And man alive, I miss it, but that's just a story that I'm telling myself.

Along with the reasons why I'm not watching. I'll turn it on again when Certain Goals Are Met. I haven't been smart enough / productive enough / nice enough to justify it. I need to fill the blog first, or my corporate and consulting work. I need to get Certain Paperwork done, and I keep not getting that cleared. I'm preparing for a dark future in which cable isn't a justifiable expense, and honestly, maybe not that dark.



Stories about facts that we treat as facts, because that's what humans do.

Until we don't.

And the hours become days, and the days become weeks, and your life changes in ways you didn't predict.

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