Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Top 10 Reactions To LeSean McCoy Getting Chipped Out Of Philadelphia

Chipped Out
10) With the release of Trent Cole, Cary Williams and Todd Herremans, the emergence of Dallas, Odell Beckham Jr. coming up to speed in New York and DC not somehow tossing out Bob Griffin Jr. for pennies on the dollar, you may be forgiven for thinking Sam Hinkie is now running the club

9) As useful as LB Kiko Alonso might be, the fact that the team is making a move for yet another Oregon guy, yet alone one with an injury rehab issue who will have to spend his time in town as being That Guy We Got For The Best RB In Franchise History, does not inspire confidence

8) At least Buffalo isn't in the NFC East, so McCoy's Revenge Factor is somewhat limited

7) The moves this week clear out $50 million in cap space, which makes the team's fans thrilled, because cap space is always what you root for

6) Bryce Brown's professional obituary, in which it's written "Never Escaped LeSean McCoy's Shadow", can be safely written and filed now

5) You can be forgiven for not wanting to buy any Eagle jerseys, since Chip Kelly seems to like moving out a star or two every year

4) Both of Chris Polk's fantasy football owners are over the moon right now, and will remain happy for the weeks it takes until he gets hurt

3) At least the Eagles have a half dozen first round draft picks to fill all of their new holes -- um, wait, crap

2) This will teach everyone in the Eagle locker room to think about asking for money, or be old, or to go to the Pro Bowl

1) The streak of Philadelphia teams not going to the playoffs is going to extend at least until 2016, or however long it takes for the Sixers to start trying to win games

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