Monday, March 23, 2015

Top 10 reasons why the NFL is suspending the blackout policy in 2015

Sooey! Here Roger! HERE PIG!
10) It's a going away present for fans of Oakland, San Diego,  Jacksonville, St. Louis and the four other franchises that are moving to Los Angeles in 2016

9) League is just giving up on the idea that going to games is for anything but old-school chumps

8) They aren't getting any of that super-sweet StubHub mark-up, so screw it

7) Just so tired of hearing Mean Old John McCain bitch and bitch and bitch about it

6) Once every ten years, without fail, the league slips up and makes a decision that's actually good for non-millionaire fans

5) With games eventually going to every game of the week anyway, blackouts are increasingly untenable

4) As soon as they fix this, everyone's going to forget about that head trauma and young guys retiring problem

3) Blackouts have impacted a whopping 5% of games in this decade, which is to say, well, a couple of dog teams that no one cares about

2) By doing this, they can totally go back to scab refs and extra games and keep pre-season games and neuter kickoffs and have super-shaky PI and overtime rules, because hey, no blackouts

1) It's a dead zone day between NCAA Tournament games, before the NBA and NHL playoffs, and by announcing this today, they can pound one more nail into the coffin that is MLB awareness

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