Thursday, March 5, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why Peyton Manning Is Taking A $4 Million Pay Cut

Mo Money, Mo Problems
10) Nation- wide is on his side, especially when he's got that losing feeling

9) Profits from his Papa John's franchises skyrocketed after marijuana legalization in Colorado

8) Didn't want to get traded for a LB coming off ACL surgery

7) Gives the Broncos a chance to attract a new name brand coach to play to lose playoff games at home

6) Wanted to finally let Eli be the brother making the most money in a year

5) Buicks are just that gosh-darn affordable, what with the low repair record and domestic parts, and this blog is in no way sponsored by the fine, fine people at Buick

4) As those DirecTV ads show, can easily make up the lost scratch by dropping a rap album

3) $4 million is life-changing money to everyone reading this, but it's also a whopping 1.74% of his lifetime earning from football, so it's not as if he'll ever miss it

2) Really didn't want to have to learn new last names of receivers at his advanced age

1) Starting to realize that this whole "1 Super Bowl Win In His Whole Damn Career, And It Was Against Rex Freaking Grossman" isn't doing much for his legacy

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