Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Brief And Obvious Point About The Spurs Winning Game 3 Against The Clippers Without Big Contributions from Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili

Not Always Needed
(Yes, I made the mistake of turning on the World Wide Lemur this morning and getting a fresh blast of Stupid A. Smith...)

The Spurs have more than those three players.

Most specifically, they have the Defensive Player of the Year in Kawhi Leonard, the best coach of his generation in Gregg Popovich, and a bench of guys who would have qualified for the playoffs in the East, so long as Popovich was the coach.

They don't actually *need* Parker, Duncan and Ginobili to be their old selves to win playoff games.

Especially when they are at home, and facing a team whose bench is one offense-only scorer (Jamal Crawford), one guy who is only in the NBA because his dad is his coach (Austin Rivers), one power forward with the coordination and lift of a drunken seal (Glen "Big Baby" Davis), and the least intimidating 7-footer since Brad Sellers (Spencer Hawes)...

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