Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Five Brief and Obvious Points About LeSean McCoy's Latest Comments

McCoy's Yelp Rating of Chip Kelly
> Not to put too fine a point on this, but if you are a star player, shouldn't you have a playoff win in your history?

(The Eagles have not won a playoff game during the Obama Presidency, which is to say, the entirety of McCoy's career.)

> DeMarco Murray isn't a star? Odd, considering he was a better RB than McCoy last year... and, unlike McCoy, won a playoff game last year...

> Does this mean that Nick Foles is a star, and Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez are not, because I think we need to clear up the whole definition of "star"...

>  Given that McCoy was replaced with a three-headed RB attack of guys who have all been to the Pro Bowl, isn't it more that he doesn't respect star WRs?

> Why is McCoy still talking about his old team, town and coach, other than the fact that no one really wants to think too hard about being in Buffalo, near Rex Ryan, and inevitably beaten over the head and shoulders by the Patriots?

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