Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One Saints Super Bowl Ring For Sale, One Million Stories To Tell

There's an article in the Internets today over how a 2009 Super Bowl ring from the New Orleans Saints is now up for sale on Craig's List, with a listing price of $45K. You can see it at right. There was also some back and forth as to which player is likely selling it (there's also an autographed helmet with a number on it, which means it's probably one of three guys).

That's the sum and substance and extent of the story. At which point I made the tactical error that you would probably be better off never making... I scrolled down and read the comments. And got the following...

> How dumb and sad it is that athletes can't mange their finances

> What the price is, what it should be, and what the commenter would pay

> How the seller is clearly on drugs, about to be homeless, in hock to baby mamas or has been bled dry by his parasitic posse

> That the seller should have gone to eBay, and is clearly stupid with a capital Oopid for not doing that

> How sad it is that a man would be reduced to selling this, the biggest thing he'll ever do in his whole damn life

Or some combination of the above.

When the entire sum and substance and FACT of the matter is that a ring -- a ring that might not mean an awful lot the recipient, since it's not exactly something that looks comfortable to wear on a routine basis, and not everyone likes to wear rings anyway -- is up for sale.

The rest is story, folks. Your story, and maybe not the player's.

Maybe he finds this ostentatious. Maybe he knows someone at eBay, and doesn't like them, and doesn't want their site to benefit from the sale. Maybe it's all part of a cagey PR strategy, and the news of this sale has been leaked for maximum viral benefit (worked, in the case of this post). Maybe the Saints were privately horrible to him, and getting rid of this thing will be one of the best things that ever happened in his life.

It's all story.

And making up stories, and treating them as facts, is what people do...

Sometimes, to their enduring embarrassment.

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