Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Most Attractive NBA Coaching Vacancy Ever

Buh Bye
With the possible exception of when the Warriors ran off Mark Jackson last year, there may not be a more attractive NBA coaching job in recent memory.

You walk into a situation where you've got...

1) One of the most athletic point guards in NBA history, and a guy who nearly dragged a team to the playoffs by his own damned self, in Russell Westbrook.

2) The probable return of the best defensive power forward in the league in Serge Ibaka.

3) The probable return of ex-MVP Kevin Durant, who, if healthy, will be unbelievably motivated for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that he might have the biggest Free Agent Contract Year ever.

4) A full season to integrate C Enes Kanter, the franchise's first low-post offensive threat from an actual honest to God big man.

5) A reasonable first round pick in a deep draft.

6) A thoroughly useful nasty young big in Steven Adams, a very promising benchie big in Mitch McGary, a decent three and D benchie in Anthony Morrow, a decent offensive point benchie in DJ Augustin, a talented but troubled gunning combo guard in Dion Waiters...

7) A roster that looked, for weeks in the second half of the season before Ibaka went down, like the most terrifying 8 seed in NBA history, and...

8) A situation where, if Durant leaves, you just cut the chutes and get the hell out of town your own damned self, because the franchise would go straight to the lottery and worse, and will never, ever attract a real FA. Because, um, Oklahoma.

If I'm an NBA coach of anything but the top 10 situations, or with very high security in my job, I'm asking my people to ask Thunder GM Sam Presti for a confidential interview, before I pull a Jason Kidd In Brooklyn.

If I'm a college coach that wants out, I'm sending Presti hot meals, and seeing if there's any way I can cozy up to Westbrook and Durant.

Because this franchise could be in the NBA Finals next year... and taking over from a coach who never seemed to have a bigger plan than let Kevin or Russell Play Hero Ball late?

Dunking on six foot rims.

While trying hard not to giggle, or make Mark Jackson Cookie Monster noises.

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