Sunday, April 19, 2015

Top 10 NBA Playoff Saturday Takeaways

What Pierce Sings During Games
10) Paul Pierce really should just make it a little less obvious, and tear up a Canadian flag while punching a moose during the player introductions

9) Dallas and Houston took turns being terrible basketball teams, with Dallas going last to earn the loss

8) When Anthony Davis gets a real team around him, he's going to be absolutely terrifying

7) Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry missed a month's worst of free throws, just to make sure the Warriors didn't win by enough to feel comfortable before Game 2

6) Derrick Rose played well, just to tease Chicago Fan with dreams of what can never be

5) Raptor Fan is so numerous and earnest that it's just, well, a shame, really, that his team can never win Game One

4) Curry banked in a layup off the very top of the backboard, just to show Davis that even his hops and reach were not going to be good enough

3) Rajon Rondo was just good enough on offense in the first half to help ensure some utterly terribly new deal as a free agent

2) It's almost impossible for the Rockets to put five guys on the floor that don't make intentional fouling a good idea

1) Every home team won except Toronto, because if the weather wasn't enough of a clue, God Hates Canada

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