Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Top 10 reasons why Yasiel Puig is cutting down on bat flips

10) If you show emotion in any way, that means you are showing disrespect, especially if you aren't so very young anymore

9) Knows that with all of the new Cuban emigres in the league, he's got to find some other way to stand out

8) Got a note from MLB that younger fans enjoyed this, so it had to stop

7) Just can't summon the joy needed to do this in a world without Matt Kemp, Dee Gordon and Hanley Ramirez

6) Sensed that Vin Scully was less than sincere in his appreciation of the art

5) If he keeps doing it, the drug testing frequency is just going to keep going up

4) Was told this was more of a Josh Hamilton thing to do

3) As soon as he stops flipping the bat, will stop running the bases like a runaway beer truck

2) He's sure that as soon as this is eliminated from his repertoire, Don Mattingly will never yank him from the lineup again

1) Bat flips showed the audience that offense is about to happen, and MLB 2015 can't have that

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