Monday, May 25, 2015

A Brief and Obvious Point About MLB Players Wearing Camouflage Gear on Memorial Day

Camo Ching
I'm sure that the following is going to be misun- derstood, but so be it.

MLB is donating $30 million to veterans' related causes, so that makes the sale of all of this camouflage gear OK, right? 

Um, no. Sorry.

If you want to honor the sacrifices of the service members, you don't make it a "yes and" moment. You just make the donation, and if you are truly charitable about it, you make it more than a one-time check writing greenwash moment.

You make a continued stink about the scandal that is the VA's inability to upgrade their services and get coverage faster.

You make a political stink for the long haul, and don't just back away behind your merch sales. You also don't try to make back your check through the sale of merch that, in all likelihood, is priced at 10X your cost, or maybe more, given how much stuff is made overseas.

If you, personally, want to honor the troops on your day off today, that's fine. Go to a hospital and volunteer. Start a continuing commitment to causes like Wounded Warrior. Tell the vets in your life how much they mean to you.

Or, better yet, support any and all efforts, now or in the future, to prosecute anyone that ever participates or encourages putting our people in harm's way, especially when it turns out to be in the service of corporate interests, or in the support of a base lie.

You say you love our veterans?

Then let's work to make sure we don't have so goddamned many of them.

And if you are MLB?

You use your political clout to do something more than pinkwashing with camouflage.

Because veterans, more so than the general public or your media enablers... are smart enough to see through this BS...

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