Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Brief and Obvious Point About Tim Tebow Being "A Significant Contributor to the Eagles Offense"

Woo, I Say, Woo
(In re this.)

Tim Tebow is not now, nor has ever been, good at playing professional football.

That is why he has been unable to find work as a professional football player for over a year, despite his ability to sell shirts to people who believe that God cares who wins football games.

He was not good in Denver, or New York, or New England.

All of those teams have comparable or better offensive lines and running backs to what is on the Eagle roster right now.

The wideouts do not matter, since Tebow is incapable of consistently getting the ball to one of them, outside of a handoff.

So if Tebow is a significant contributor to that, the Eagle offense will also not be good, which means that no one really needs to think very hard about this.

Finally, it doesn't really matter if you think this could all come to fruition due to a greater reliance on two-point conversions, because those plays still require, well, someone being good at football.

Which Tebow is not.

But by all means, people, buy some shirts, especially now that you can get insurance for them...


Anonymous said...

Are they really going to keep 4 QBs?

DMtShooter said...

Only if you consider Tebow to be a QB. I would think that being able to call yourself a QB would require you to throw a football better than the average punter, but I'm not a Super Genius like Nero Kelly, so...

Realistically, there's no way Matt Barkley makes this team. Or should want to. Like Chris Polk before him, now employed happily in Houston, he'll be in the league a lot longer than Nero.

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