Saturday, May 30, 2015

Brief And Obvious Points About Sam Bradford's (Lack Of) Health at OTAs

Needs Moar QBs
Perhaps trading for a QB that is coming off two straight season-ending ACL issues, who makes 6X what the QB you traded him for, plus you gave up draft picks...

And the health issues were significant enough that said QB had to be talked off the retirement ledge, and if he does get on the field, he'll be Not Mobile in a system where the QB needs to be at least a little bit mobile...

 And the QB in question is not exactly Johnny Freaking Unitas when it came to his statistical performance before the injury, and was slow before he got hurt...

Well, all of that might speak to a certain, shall we say, utter lack of clue in the part of Boy Genius GM Chip Nero Kelly, who is also the coach, and who has also never had this job before.

 I'm sure that as soon as the Eagles pour some Magic Smoothies on Bradford's knee, all will be well. And if it's not, Jebus will make Tim Tebow's ability to throw a football actually manifest, or that prolonged exposure to Nero will make Mark Sanchez stop being a turnover machine. Perhaps all of this is Genius Level Motivation for Matt Barkley to Be Great Right Now. Sure, that's it.

Or that this is all turning into a double-digit loss machine that will somehow result in Nero making more moves for more Not Good Ideas at Quarterback, because super offensive geniuses can only win with great QB play.

Finally, I will accept that I'm just not clapping hard enough for any of these various Tinkerbells, and that the previous 55 years of championship-free play is just because Philly Fan, unlike fans in any other city, boo athletes and are mean.

Clap harder for Nero! He'll fiddle if you clap harder!

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