Friday, May 15, 2015

Clippers - Rockets Game Six: Inconceivable

Do Not Touch The Owner
I've watched pro hoop longer than many of you have been alive. I go all the way back to CBS tape delaying the Finals as the Magic & Kareem Lakers slapped my Sixers silly. Every spring, I hide in my basement and stay up too late and jam hoop into my veins.

 I watch a lot of this.

And I've never seen a series where...

> Both teams spit in the eye of Basketball God with intentional fouling

> The team with home court advantage went down 3-1 in a beatdown loss that was so devoid of effort that further games seemed to only serve to embarrass

> The up 3-1 team then loses Game Give for no real good reason or adjustment

> The 3-2 team with home court closed out the second with a run, then open up the third with Globetrottery that was so extreme, their power forward (Blake Griffin) made a layup with his eyes on his own rim, not the one he was shooting at

> The road team then went on a 49-18 run with their best player (James Harden) on the bench just because they went on a run without him

> The best player on the floor in crunch time wasn't the four stars you've heard of (Griffin, Chris Paul, Harden, Dwight Howard), but one of the worst players in recent NBA history (Josh Smith, who a terrible Pistons team paid to go away, and got better when he left)

> A center (DeAndre Jordan) was destroying the trailing team while they intentionally fouling him, and now that they aren't, he's just a guy again

> A low level PG MVP candidate (Paul), who is nearly complete in his recovery from a hamstring problem, got outplayed by a guy (Jason Terry) who has been in the league so long, most people assumed he was long gone from the league

> The home crowd started chanting a mocking chant of their likely next round playoff opponent, only to see their team blow a huge lead and lose, so that they now get to hear that chant in their nightmares, especially if the team loses Game Seven

Game Seven is Saturday, and honestly? I have no idea why any fan of either team could feel confident about their chances. The Rockets still have no one who should be able to stay with Paul. They need Smith, a clear Agent of Chaos, to have two big games in a row. Howard got a flagrant and a technical in this one, and is clearly on the ref hit list. The Clips need their terrible bench to show up and play well in a road Game Seven. Harden can't seem to shake his cold.

Nothing makes sense any more.

Oh, and tonight's game was the first of the series that was actually fun to watch.

See you for Game Seven...

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