Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ten Questions For Those Who Watched Mayweather v. Pacquiao

Originally said by Johnny Rotten
(Me? Not so much. That money buys groceries, which are kind of more important to my life right now. Besides, well, Not A Boxing Fan, thank heavens.)

10) If you spent big on a fight that did not entertain you, when fights as a rule seem to be highly unlikely to entertain you, and one of the participants is known for not being very entertaining while being highly successful... um, don't you lose any right to be angry at anyone but yourself?

9) If one guy has a clear statistical advantage in every way, and there are no falls, don't you pretty much have to respect the decision of judges who are wildly more experienced at viewing this sort of thing?

8) If both guys are morally reprehensible for different reasons, isn't it OK to root against the guy who is more reprehensible to a greater percentage of the population?

7) Why are so many people so butthurt over what appears to be long overdue attention to the reprehensibility of both men?

6) Since the fight seems to have been something of a snoozefest between two guys who are very past their prime, isn't an admission of a beyond dead sport that the only potential next step for a reasonable payday is a rematch?

5) Does the presence of so many private jets at the Las Vegas airport warm the cockles of your heart, as it does mine, that rich people can get suckered as badly as poor?

4) Shouldn't everyone involved just give up and watch Human Cockfighting already, since that exercise at least happens relatively routinely, and does a better job of giving the spectators the bloodlust they want?

3) Given that terrorist actions never happen at live events that appeal to the 1%, doesn't that just speak to the relative importance of human life as it equates to economic importance?

2) Is Mayweather's substantial appeal among athletes all that you need to know about their opinion towards women, and the relative seriousness of domestic abuse?

1) Do boxing fans ever get tired of being used?

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Anonymous said...

One would hope that two people making multiple millions would are least try to make the event enjoyable if for no other reason than to sell the next event. My teen daughters throw punches with more intent over a lip gloss than pbf did in 12 Rounds.

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