Friday, May 29, 2015

Top 10 reasons why the Bulls fired Tom Thibodeau

Thibs Wearing His Unsurprised Face
10) Want to make sure the guy wearing the suit when LeBron James ends them next year looks different

9) Would have been awkward to have him still employed when Fred Hoiberg started doing his job

8) Making the playoffs for five straight years is a lot less impressive when it's in the lEast

7) A new coach will stop making the strategic mistake of filling Derrick Rose's knees with pencil shavings and coffee grounds

6) In the NBA, consistent defensive tenacity really only gets you so far, so being a defensive expert doesn't scream out Won't Hit A Plateau

5) Thibs didn't do enough to promote the team's culture, which is PR BS speak for He Didn't Beat LeBron And Failed To Kiss Ass With Enthusiasm And Vigor

4) Being the second-best coach in franchise history isn't as impressive as you might think, considering the Bulls have really only had one good era

3) Just couldn't adjust to the reality that regular season doesn't mean squat

2) It's almost impossible for an NBA head coach to keep a gig for five years without a ring

1) As it was a slow news day in the NBA, they wanted to treat themselves

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