Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why James Dolan Hired Convicted Sexual Harasser Isiah Thomas To Run His WNBA Team

Maximum PR Fail
10) It's a purely selfless act to get Thomas off NBA TV and TNT

9) Believes that everyone deserves a ninth chance, provided that they were famous once

8) Feels that WNBA fans should get the same kind of sterling service that Knick Fan gets

7) What's $11.6 million in damages for sexual harassment among horrible, horrible people

6) Hasn't exercised Billionaire's Prerogative in weeks

5) Wants to see if that guy who he told to go watch the Nets cares about the WNBA, too

4) Given the current PR climate in America, now is certainly the best time to be remarkably tone-deaf towards women

3) If Thomas is a complete disaster here, will become the first guy ever to wipe out in the CBA, NBA, CBB and WNBA

2) Reunites Thomas with Bill Laimbeer, who fulfills his lifelong mission of making Zeke look slightly less loathsome in comparison

1) Thomas has photos of Dolan in bed with hardware, multiple fluids, a dead girl, a live boy and a wide range of cute and endangered animals

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