Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Top 10 reasons why the NBA didn't give Dwight Howard an ejection for his Game Four flagrant foul

Yeah, Kinda Flagrant
10) Andrew Bogut is big, and hence, someone you can swing an elbow at with abandon

9) Howard is still enough of a star to get away with this, because the NBA kind of needs him to be

8) Better story for when he snaps and cheap shots someone while down 20 in Game Five

7) Someone told Rod Thorn that Throwback Tuesday was a thing

6) Didn't want to give the Rockets any kind of motivation to get to Game Six

5) Mark Jackson called in one last Screw Bogut favor

4) Everybody knows that the closer you get to a suspension for technicals, the more leeway you get in earning one

3) No one wants to see just how much the Warriors would intentionally foul Clint Capela

2) It's not as if Howard is a terrible human being who has boned multiple franchises, unlike that J.R. Smith monster

1) As Howard wasn't competent enough to actually hurt Bogut, he needs to be back in there to get a second chance

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