Thursday, May 21, 2015

Top 10 reasons why the NFL made extra points kick from the 15

Woo, I Say, Woo
10) Adds critical half second more of drama to 3-hour game

9) Increases chance that a team will lose a game based on a guy who is barely a football player

8) Since it doesn't seem like this play results in concussions, we need more of it

7) Makes things a little easier for dome teams, especially the ones that cheat on crowd noise, which is to say, dome teams

6) It's been a solid day or so since the league made a grasping play for off-season PR

5) It was either this or make the kickers come at the ball in a straight line again

4) Improves the in-stadium experience, since it's one more play with a relative cut in body odor near the largest number of spectators who are close to the field

3) Now that so many guys are making that jump the center move, extra distance was needed to give the defender a longer running start

2) Announcers needed something to say during the extra point that we hadn't heard for the last 30+ years

1) Simply deflating the kicking balls is, for some reason, no longer an option

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