Sunday, June 7, 2015

Top 10 Cavs-Warriors Game Two Takeaways

10) If Marresse Speights is very lucky, he'll be able to look back at that end of third quarter beer truck dunk fail with laughter, rather than as the signature moment of a not athletic enough career

9) Matthew Dellevedova spent three quarters getting bum rushed, then a quarter and overtime being the second best Cav on the floor

8) I don't care how effective it might be,  or who is doing the shooting, but "one guy walks it up and shoots late in the clock without a pass" is ugly, ugly basketball

7) That play were LeBron James was blocked twice in three seconds was porn for the nation's ever-unhinged LeBron Haters

6) We saw teams with LeBron James and Stephen Curry combine for 29 points in the third quarter, which seems more than a little impossible

5) It's a good thing for the Cavs that Klay Thompson was concussed in the last series, otherwise he might have gotten 50 tonight

4) James knew he wasn't getting a foul call to win it at the line at the end of regulation on the road, which is why he didn't even think to complain

3) There were literally dozens of near 8-second violations from the Cavs walking it up tonight, which seems like something you might start to see the Warriors pressure later in the series

2) The Warriors can lose any game when Curry shoots like John Starks

1) It's now a 1-1 series, the most entertaining rock fight in NBA history, the first time that the Finals have gone to overtime in the first two games, the first Cavs win in an NBA Final in franchise history, and I still think the Warriors are going to win in five, because James can't do this every game, and Curry can't play worse than this

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